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I'm Cassidy, but my good friends call me Cass. I'm not just your wedding photographer - but also your peace keeper, professional wedding dress bustler, dance floor companion, and wedding day side-kick. I'm all about genuine, unscripted emotions - the belly laughs, the tears, and all the stolen kisses.

While I call Colorado home, I've got my suitcase on standby and will chase your love story anywhere on the planet. Let's chat about your DREAM wedding photos and see if we're a match made in photography heaven.

Cass – Lover of Art and A true

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hopeless romantic.

hopeless romantic.

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Inspiring Me Lately,

Growing up, I spent my time watching too much Say Yes To The Dress, playing dress up with my little sister and *most importantly* romanticizing my grandparents 62 year love story. From a young age they instilled in me the power of commitment and the idea of true love.

I get my love for photos from my grandma (or Gigi, as we call her.) Her most prized possession is a trunk that sits at the foot of her bed, tucked safely inside lay a treasured collection of family photographs carefully amassed over her lifetime. These photographs hold within them a raw and authentic narrative of their lives together — an intimate glimpse into their joy, laughter, and even the imperfections that made their story so genuine.

Looking through these photographs, I realized the impact that photography can have in preserving not only moments but also the emotions and stories that define us. It's from this deep-rooted admiration for love and the art of storytelling that I draw my inspiration. As your wedding photographer, I am dedicated to capturing your unique love story, just as my grandparents' story was captured, with authenticity, depth, and the utmost care.

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